Support a Resilient Future on November 28!

On November 28 you can be part of a national movement to celebrate giving to worthwhile causes. Support our work to make your community more resilient!


Resiliency has many meanings:

  • being prepared for a storm that might damage your house,
  • bringing new businesses to your community,
  • making sure your family has access to healthy food,
  • preparing for flooding from hurricanes and high tides,
  • keeping the lights and heat on in your home or business,
  • having safe drinking water free from harmful substances,
  • protecting your trees and other natural resources,
  • buying fresh produce from local farmers,
  • supporting cleaner energy sources for your home and car.

Resilient Virginia supports community resiliency by giving you the tools to be prepared for the future. Support our organization on #Giving Tuesday and help us continue to Inform, Educate, and Activate!


Thank you!