Adapting Infrastructure to Mitigate Climate Impact and Build Resilience

Investing in projects and initiatives in four critical sectors — transportation, buildings, energy, and water — are key to both working on mitigation strategies and building resilience as communities face increased challenges from sea level rise, extreme storm events, and rising temperatures.

Find out How Cities Drive Economics and Resilience Solutions

2021 Resilient Virginia Conference

Cities around the world are hubs of economic activity and are attracting millions of global citizens each year.  Cities produce 70% of economic activity today and by 2050, we expect 70% of global residents to be urban dwellers.  Building resilience in these population centers across the globe will be critical to secure a prosperous future. 

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2021 Resilient Virginia Conference

Our 2021 Resilient Virginia Conference is shaping up to be a comprehensive event with a diverse set of speakers addressing a wide range of resiliency topics. Attending the conference could have an enormous impact of the resiliency planning of local communities as well as state efforts.

VA DMME Works to Reenergize Coalfields

2021 Resilient Virginia Conference

Reenergize Southwest Virginia is a brand-new effort to help the coalfields regions at a time when major moves away from coal energy production is occurring across the nation.