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Learn about Resilient Virginia’s current and past projects and programs.

Albemarle County

In June 2022, Albemarle County published their Albemarle County’s Climate Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Report. This research report, a year in the making, was funded by Piedmont Environmental Council, and developed by Resilient Virginia and Sobis Inc. The report analyzes primary hazards the county will face in the future, who and what will be most vulnerable to the hazards, and what risks will be most likely. Read more.

DOE Energy Resilience Project

Resilient Virginia is working with Virginia Energy and other partners on the US DOE funded Virginia Economically Disadvantaged Communities Energy Resiliency Study (VERS).  Read more.

Environmental Justice Data Project

Resilient Virginia is partnering with Virginia Commonwealth University Research Institute for Social Equity (RISE) to use data and community engagement to shed light on climate justice issues and accelerate resiliency funding opportunities in the City of Richmond. The project is supported by a grant from the Windward Environmental Justice Data Fund. Read more.

Lynchburg Community Resilience Project

Resilient Virginia is proud to be a recipient of the 2023 Environmental Justice Problem Solving Grant. With this funding, we will continue with Lynchburg Rising to build leadership capacity among low-income, minority residents in Lynchburg Ward 2 to address the increased effects of climate change including flooding and extreme heat and other adverse impacts to health, safety and economic well-being. Read more.

Resilient Virginia Collaborative Alliance

The Resilient Virginia Collaborative Alliance (RVCA) empowers regional stakeholders to collaborate, share resources and tools, and significantly bolster the process of resiliency planning in communities located in Central and Southwest Virginia. Read more.