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Climate and Energy Educational Resources (CLEAN)

Home » Infrastructure and Buildings » Clean and Reliable Energy Options » Climate and Energy Educational Resources (CLEAN)

Climate and Energy Educational Resources (CLEAN)

Home » Infrastructure and Buildings » Clean and Reliable Energy Options » Climate and Energy Educational Resources (CLEAN)

Climate and Energy Educational ResourcesThe CLEAN Collection is a high-quality collection of climate and energy educational resources aligned with the Climate Literacy and the Energy Literacy frameworks, and the Next Generation Science Standards. Visitors can search the CLEAN website by keywords, grade level, and/or resource type.

Every item in the resource collection is tagged with the standards it meets. Visitors can browse the site by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) categories(DCI, PE, SEP, CCC). There is a link to Climate and energy education support with guides for instructional support in teaching about climate energy topics. There is also a link to an NGSS-aligned planning template and tools that can be used for custom unit lessons.

Provided on this site are links to NGSS middle school or high school climate systems and solutions. Browsers find more information about the CLEAN Collection and resources for guidance in teaching about climate and energy. Browsers can tune into the CLEAN Network’s teleconferences where members collaborate and share information about their literacy work, upcoming events, opportunities for collaboration or funding. Provided on this site is information to get included in the CLEAN Network.

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