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Climate Interactive

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Climate Interactive

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Climate InteractiveClimate Interactive (CI) provides climate models, tools and analysis that are designed to help people understand, through interaction and exploration, what speed and scale of reductions in emissions will work to meet climate goals. CI straddles the fence between science and policy to make it all more accessible to those who are making decisions about our future.

Climate Interactive is rooted in the fields of system dynamics modeling and systems thinking. With their colleagues at the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, CI creates and shares tools that help people see connections and drive effective and equitable climate action.

Climate Interactive hosts a team of system dynamics modelers who create user-friendly climate simulators—spanning topics of international policy, cutting-edge climate solutions, energy dynamics, climate justice, and more. Insights from these tools are amplified through interactive workshops, role-playing games, and events led by the CI team and an international network of trained facilitators.

From start to finish, CI’s aim is to synthesize technical climate science into accessible mediums, and harness the power of experiential learning to engage and inform people around high-leverage, equitable climate solutions.

Click here to visit the Climate Interactive website.

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    Date: April 25, 2024

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  • Climate Conversations: Environmental Justice
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