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Coastal Resiliency Database

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Coastal Resiliency Database

Home » Infrastructure and Buildings » Water Management » Coastal Resiliency Database

Virginia Resiliency DatabaseThe Coastal Resiliency Database compiles proposed projects, plans, studies, and funding sources that support flood resiliency within Virginia’s Coastal Zone. The scale of these plans or frameworks range from local to regional to statewide.

The Plans and Studies database has over 100 resources for people to browse. The database contains a mapping feature to visualize project locations. It can be hidden to show the full extent of the project fields. Projects may be sorted or grouped by project type, locality, priority, or implementation phase. Among the Plans and Studies resources are master planning frameworks, habitat and/or species restoration plans, hazard mitigation plans, and reports on resilience action workshops.

The content under the Plans and Studies page consists largely of Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tools (RAFTs). The RAFT is a “full service” tool to assist coastal localities in increasing their resilience.

The Funding Sources page lists 64 sources with guidelines for how to access and/or apply to the grant. The grant inventory can be shown as a calendar, highlighting pre-proposal and proposal deadlines. Records can be filtered to identify grants based on requirements.

The grants and funds in the Airtable assist management, land conservation programs, water monitoring programs, and other program development. The Airtable database makes it possible for browsers to read the RAFTS of dozens of Virginia localities. The AirTable also provides directions for how to view and sort data within the Database, submit a plan or study, or submit a funding source.

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