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Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT)

Home » Community Action » Effective and Informed Leadership » Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT)

Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT)

Home » Community Action » Effective and Informed Leadership » Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool (RAFT)

“[The Resilience Adaptation Feasibility Tool] RAFT is a collaborative, community-driven process and full-service tool developed to help Virginia’s coastal localities improve resilience to flooding and other coastal storm hazards while remaining economically and socially viable.”

RAFT has a large variety of resources for coastal communities to use in their resiliency planning, including:

  • Presentations on incorporating resiliency into comprehensive plans
  • An Emergency Risk Communication Planning Worksheet
  • Planning for Resilience: Evaluation and Prioritization (PREP) Tool
  • Case studies of of actions taken by coastal communities to develop resiliency
  • Communications products (postcards, infographics, etc)
  • Scorecards, Checklists, and Opportunity Lists
  • Resilience maps
  • A list of state and national resilience resources.
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The Resilience Calendar

  • NCA5 Webinar: Transportation
    Date: February 21, 2024

    The NCA5 chapter webinars are an opportunity for you to hear about the findings of a particular chapter from the authors themselves. Each virtual one-hour event is expected to include some time for Q&…

  • Webinar: The Affordable City by Shane Phillips
    Date: February 22, 2024
    Location: Register:

    The Affordable City : Supply, Stability, and Subsidy — and Lessons Since 2020

    There is no single solution to the U.S. housing crisis. For cities to effectively tackle high housing costs and…

  • 2024 Legislative Update Call Series
    Date: February 23, 2024

    The 2024 General Assembly will be unlike any session we've seen in recent years, with high stakes for the future of environmental protection in Virginia. Register now to join Virginia LCV Executive Director Mike…

  • Southeast Monthly Webinar Series: NCA5 Southeast Findings
    Date: February 27, 2024

    The February Southeast Climate Monthly Webinar will cover the Fifth National Climate Assessment: Southeast Findings.

    Learn more and register here

Latest News & Resources

2023 Listening Session Summary

Our 2023 Listening Session discussion focused on roadblocks to building community resilience and challenges in communicating about resilience and strategies to overcome these roadblocks; as well as collaboration, partnerships, and other ways to work with others on resilience.

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CFPF Funding Provides Hope for Rural Communities

CFPF funding provides communities across Virginia with the resources they need to address the impacts of increasing flooding events. Rural communities, who often face a gap in capacity and funding, can use this funding to close those gaps and address flooding impacts. Take a look at how Martinsville, Halifax, and South Boston are using the funding to build their flood resilience.

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