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Lynchburg Rising

Lynchburg Rising: From Survival to Environmental Justice

Photo: Rick Johnson

One of our latest endeavors is an environmental justice project we are launching summer 2022. Resilient Virginia is partnering with Leslie King Consulting and Sobis, Inc. to undertake the Lynchburg Rising project – a program developed to assist historically underserved people in flood-prone neighborhoods of Lynchburg, Va. Over the next year we will be inviting people to tell their stories about how flooding has impacted them and we will bring resources and workshops to four neighborhoods to help residents with flood issues. In addition to flooding resources, we will also be coordinating with Randolph College and University of Lynchburg‘s work on heat islands to help neighborhoods and people that experience problems when it is very hot during the summer months

Lynchburg Rising in Action - Come See Us

  • October 1, 2022: Get Downtown Lynchburg
  • January 2023: Race, Poverty & Social Justice Conference – University of Lynchburg (more details coming soon)

Be Prepared - Resources for Community Members

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Understanding your risk and knowing what you can do before, during, and after a disaster event can make a lot of difference! Below, we have pulled together an assortment of information to help you when this happens.

Local Resources

The City of Lynchburg’s Flood Awareness webpage has a lot of information for local residents, including:

Flood Safety

Flood Protection

Know Your Flood Risk

Insure Your Property

Protect Natural Floodplains

Build Responsibly

Have you been through a flood?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers guidance on reentering your flooded home.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  offers guidance on how to clean up your flooded home.

Resources for Community Leaders

Coming Soon! We are in the process of adding a page of flooding resources for community leaders.

Project Partners

Learn More

To learn more about Lynchburg Rising, email us at

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  • Introduction to Flood Insurance through the NFIP
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    Introduction to Flood Insurance through the NFIP (repeat of February 15 webinar)
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