News from Resilient Virginia

  • Resilient Arlington: Building Awareness for Local Resiliency Planning

    Resilient ArlingtonResilient Arlington, a local project of Resilient Virginia, is working with area businesses and community representatives from Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment, Sierra Club, Arlington Green, as well as numerous community volunteers. We also have engaged the participation of Arlington County Office of Emergency Management.

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  • Congratulations! Resilient Virginia Marks Its First Year

    Fall, 2015
    Congratulations!!! A Message from the Resilient Virginia Chairman

    Resilient Virginia is celebrating its one year anniversary. Over a year ago the idea of a program in Virginia that would address community resiliency was being discussed by former members of the Virginia Sustainable Building Network. This humble beginning grew, and became a clarion call to INFORM, EDUCATE, AND ACTIVATE the Commonwealth in matters of Resiliency. Resilient Virginia was founded.

    During the past year we have organized a Board of Directors, established action committees, had a very successful Kick-Off Meeting ... Read more…

  • McAuliffe Climate Change Commission Playing for Small Stakes

    by James A. Bacon
    Complete article available at Bacon’s Rebellion

    In December 2008, Governor Tim Kaine’s climate change commission issued a detailed action plan. In 2009, Bob McDonnell was elected governor, and work on anything remotely connected to climate change promptly ended. In January 2014 Governor Terry McAuliffe took office, and he set up a new commission to review and update the Kaine plan. What can we expect from this latest initiative?

    Judging from the proceedings of a meeting of the Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission yesterday at the ... Read more…

  • The Celestia Project: Vision for the Future

    Celestia ProjectEarth Day 2015 is just around the corner, and this year Resilient Virginia shares an inspirational vision of the future through our exclusive sneak peak of the ebook on The Celestia Project, which will be unveiled officially by Green Builder magazine on this Earth Day.

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  • 2015 Resilient Virginia Launch Meeting Resources

    The Official Launch Meeting of Resilient Virginia was held at the Henrico Training Center in Richmond, VA on February 19, 2015. Photos from the launch meeting are available below, as well as presentations from the event and a transcript of Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran’s comments to event attendees.

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  • The Non Global-Warmist’s Case for Resilience Planning

    by James A. Bacon
    Complete article available at Smart Growth for Conservatives

    The key to building a strong resiliency movement — making communities more adaptable in the face of natural and man-made disasters — is finding common ground. So argued Steven McNulty, director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Southeast Regional Climate Hub, in addressing the launch event of Resilient Virginia this morning.

    Fear of rising temperatures, droughts and sea-level rise is a major impetus behind the increasing emphasis that all levels of government are placing on resiliency. But political views about ... Read more…

  • Understanding Virginia’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

    pubart-understanding-virginias-vulnerability-to-climate-changeThis report from the Georgetown Climate Center and Old Dominion University’s Mitigation & Adaptation Research Institute touches on two threats to Virginia’s communities: rising seas, flooding, and extreme storms; and threats from extreme heat.

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  • Sustainability pros and advocates in Southwest Virginia persevere amid skepticism, Tea Party opposition

    As coal-fired power plants become obsolete with ever-tightening restrictions on their emissions, lower-cost natural gas, and coal mines facing heightened scrutiny over their mining practices, the future of the Roanoke Valley can be seen through two very different lenses by city and county officials.

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  • Official Launch Meeting February 19

    We are pleased to announce the Official Launch Meeting of Resilient Virginia, taking place February 19, from 9 AM–4 PM, at the Henrico Training Center, 7701 East Parham Rd, Richmond, VA 23294.

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    As you know, Virginia Sustainable Building Network provided educational events, programs, and networking for 18 years to promote high-performance buildings and sustainable development around the state of Virginia. Now a group of leaders from government, the private sector, ... Read more…

  • Energy Department Recognizes City of Roanoke for Leadership in Better Buildings Challenge

    As part of the Obama Administration’s effort to cut energy waste in the nation’s buildings, the Energy Department has recognized the city of Roanoke, Virginia for its leadership. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, Roanoke has committed to 20 percent savings by 2020 across more than 25 buildings, covering one million square feet.

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