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Diamond Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Home » Programs » Lynchburg Rising » Diamond Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Diamond Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Home » Programs » Lynchburg Rising » Diamond Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Environmental Justice, Neighborhood Strengths & Assets

What does environmental justice mean to you?

  • Fair across the board, ex. Potholes in all neighborhoods, not just some
  • Health environment – no food desert
  • Fair everywhere, treated equally without bias
  • Not based on neighborhood or who you know
  • Rental disparities 
  • Environmental Action distributed fairly

Neighborhood Strengths

  • Quiet
  • People, church, history of Gilmore Circle
  • History of Daniels Hills nice houses, good people, store, buses
  • The beautiful homes
  • The togetherness of neighbors
  • 12th Street used to be all Black owned businesses
  • Drug boys not on the corner like use to be
  • Quiet
  • Everybody keeps to themselves
  • If emergency happens like power outage it is soon restored.
  • Not a lot of noise, no children
  • No drug use in my neighborhood
  • No crime in neighborhood
  • “I love the dead end”
  • Location beside the highway
  • Being close to shopping center & restaurants
  • Smooth roads
  • Good people that mind their business
  • Having a septic pump system (no water bill)
  • People that’s been living in my neighborhood 10+ years. 
  • Homeowners
  • The quietness of my neighborhood
  • No loitering
  • Pride in making sure our community is taken care of as a team. 
  • No litter
  • Generations remain in the neighborhood
  • Old school vibe of neighbors knowing neighbors


  • Diamond Hill Center/Team
  • Diamond Church
  • Hunton Randolph Community – Center – mental health services
  • History
  • Heritage High School
  • Neighborhood Mayor
  • Arthur Ashe Tennis Court
  • Dr Johnson Office – 5th Street
  • Gilmore Circle
  • 10 Habitat Homes
  • Virgil Wood
  • Payne Elementary School
  • Anne Spencer
  • Original Seven Hills
  • Dunbar History

Exploring the Issues: Heat, Flooding, Hazardous Materials & Other


  • Weather is changing, hot or warm, then cold
  • Trimming tree, no planning – Florida Ave
  • Yes, but not drastically
  • Increase in heat
  • Utilities are going up
  • Increase heat in summer & increased cold in winter
  • Florida Avenue – less trees
  • Grace Street – less trees
  • Dutch Elm Disease – trees were cut down 25 years ago
  • 12th Street not much trees
  • Pierce Street between 12th, 13th Street


  • White Rock & Florida Ave – limbs and debris
  • 16th & Monroe – water drain
  • Pine Street – Flooding
  • Dunbar – 14th Street Flooding

Hazardous Material & Other

  • Down power lines
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Limbs down
  • No street lights
  • Pot holes
  • Bluff Street

Opportunities for Change


  • Speak to people and keep going
  • Help clean what you can
  • Spread the word of gatherings
  • Attend city council meetings
  • Better involvement
  • Documentation
  • Respect for each other and environment
  • Attend council sessions
  • Vote
  • Be a resource
  • Speak up and Stand Up

Do With Others

  • Communicate
  • More meetings
  • More community meetings – invite city council 
  • Strength in collaboration

Institutions and the Local Government

  • Fix the problems in the neighborhood
  • Plant more trees
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