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Fairview Heights Neighborhood Meeting

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Fairview Heights Neighborhood Meeting

Home » Resilient Virginia Events » Collaborative Events » Fairview Heights Neighborhood Meeting

Environmental Justice, Neighborhood Strengths & Assets

What does environmental justice mean to you?

  • Not a difference of response time or allocation of resources.
  • Treat all neighborhoods equally.
  • Response time should be the same.
  • Listening to what the neighborhood wants.

Neighborhood Strengths and Assets

  • Virginia University of Lynchburg
  • Less crime
  • Desmond T. Doss History
  • Churches
  • Otabenga History
  • Stores are accessible – grocery store other stores
  • Convenient stores, drug store
  • Younger Park
  • Fairview Heights Center
  • People look out for each other – good neighbors
  • Lawyer offices and other business – Community Bank
  • Jubilee Neighborhood Center – Sterling Wilder
  • South Lynchburg Church

Exploring the Issues: Heath, Flooding, Hazardous Materials & Other


  • Increase of heat on Otey Street
  • Lots of trees and greenery
  • Reduction of trees on Ridge Avenue and Florida Avenue near the Food Lion
  • Community Garden not in use


  • Tazewell near South Lynchburg
  •  Traffic runs into Fisher Creek
  • City blames flooding on the yard when called

Hazardous Material & Other

  • Norfolk Southern
  • Concerned that Candler’s Oil and Starling Fuel might have hazardous material

Opportunities for Change


  • Go to City Council meetings
  • Go to neighbors to bring others together
  • Sign Petition
  • Host more sessions like this
  • Vote
  • Educate myself

Do With Others

  • Fairview Heights recognition
  • Hold institutions accountable to put up or shut up
  • Institutions and the local government do
  • Host community meetings
  • Follow through
  • See the neighborhood environment
  • Mosby & Campbell Church
  • Apply for grants – programs for the center
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