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Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Home » Programs » Lynchburg Rising » Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Home » Programs » Lynchburg Rising » Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Meeting

Neighborhood Strengths and Assets

  • Talking to seniors and hearing their stories
  • Churches – 5th Street, 3rd Street and Jackson
  • Racially diverse
  • Legacy Museum
  • Old City Cemetery
  • CAN
  • Family
  • Homes renovated – Affordable housing
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Feel safe
  • Tinbridge Hill Mana

Exploring the Issues: Heat, Flooding, Hazardous Materials & Other


  • Federal Street
  • Otey Street
  • Jackson Street and Hollins
  • 5th and Federal
  • Used to be 2 Oak trees
  • Pecan lot – less trees
  • Used to be an orchard where the garden is located
  • Polk Street
  • Less trees at Legacy Museum – planted 2 trees


  • 523 Harrison Street

Hazardous Material and Other

  • Hollins and Jackson – dumping ground
  • Harrison Street
  • 1st and Jackson
  • 1st and Federal
  • 6th Street – pavement is uneven

Opportunities for Change


  • Inform the City to see if any changes can be made
  • Try to help my community
  • Come to meetings and voice my opinion
  • Be a part of the solution by leading

Do With Others

  • Exchange phone numbers and call/text neighbors
  • Work together to clean things up
  • Start a neighborhood watch
  • Have a conversation about the issue
  • Engage others
  • Sign petition and make the people in power fix the issues
  • Come together as a team and build

Institutions and the Local Government

  • Speak up on the redline issues
  • Have a meeting like this one to listen to the people who live there
  • Try to offer anything to help out
  • Ask the people in the neighborhoods what needs to be addressed
  • Fund improvements
  • Supply tools
  • Do something when citizens call them
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