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Resiliency News Feeds

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Resiliency News Feeds

Home » Publications and Media » Resiliency News Feeds
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  • FEMA Administrator Visits Univ. of CO’s Hazards Center
    From CU Boulder today: Putting research to work: FEMA administrator visits CU to strengthen academic partnerships. Nice tribute to one of the oldest disaster research centers. An excerpt: “Among the research topics that could support the agency’s resilience goals are … Continue reading →
  • New FEMA Document on Recovery
    FEMA has published Achieving Equitable Recovery: A Post-Disaster Guide for Local Officials and Leaders, a first of its kind framework to help rebuild communities in a more accessible, inclusive and equitable manner. (144 pp). November 2023. NOTE: We are having … Continue reading →
  • New FEMA Guidance on Cyber Incidents
    Planning Considerations for Cyber Incidents; Guidance for Emergency Managers.(57 pp). .November 2023. The purpose of the document follows: Emergency management personnel play a central role in preparing for and responding to cyber incidents in their jurisdictions. Although emergency managers are … Continue reading →
  • The Importance of Electric Power – the PR Situation
    From the WashPost: The longer power was out, the deadlier it was for Puerto Rico
  • The Importance of Emergency Communications
    From the WashPost: Emergency Response Breakdowns put Maui Police at Risk.
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  • Equitable Resilience Planning Frameworks (Session #5: Building Water Equity & Climate Resilient Communities for ALL Series)
    Date: December 13, 2023

    In this session, we will discuss how to  engage and center the needs of the most vulnerable community members when  developing climate resilience plans.  We will share examples of community-driven plans that advance community…

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